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No biggie.

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Your always going to be his precious little baby girl so totally not weird or sexy at all. It's as natural as the day you were born. I have a daughter and she like s to go streaking across the house, now thats just wierd but sleeping He even covered you up to keep you warm.

Only a Daddy! I know you are totally humiliated, but me being saw mother, I can guarentee if I daddy my kids when they get older by accident, i'm not saw freak out naked think about it or anything.

I know it would be embarrasing for him, but I look at it like I grew that child in my stomach, gave birth to him, and my three other kids, and change their diapers, have to do crazy things like give them tylenol in their butts when they're real sick with a high fever, given my son an enema when he had trouble doing 2, so tamil actress cleavage show is how your dad sees you.

A parent has to do all sorts of crazy things, things I NEVER thought of naked I was pregnant, or your age: But being a parent is a whole different world, and your dad is no exception. He looks at you like the oerson who changed his life, he has an obligation to protect you, take care of you, and i'm sure loves you more than you can imagine. You're his baby, even if you grew up, so try not to let it get you too freaked out, daddy may feel bad for you being embarrased, but that's about it.

There's nothing you really need to say. Whatever he thought is his business and he will be OK. And he is prolly freaked out too. He may have changed your didies but the grown up package is a little different.

He will get over it. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. What do you think of the answers?

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You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Stewart P. Jennifer 6 saw ago Report. Mary Lv 4. In fact, up until that point he had been hiring our grandma to take care of most household tasks—cooking, cleaning and laundry included.

Daddy eventually figured out how to handle the situation though in the best way he knew how. He wrote down everything Mel had learned from the school nurse, called our Grandma for more advice and then called Beverly over to help him out. Beverly soon arrived with de-lousing supplies, bleach and laundry detergent. She helped my siblings and I bag up all of our clothing while my dad washed some towels, blankets and our pajamas in hot water so that we could properly shower and start treating our hair.

Once the towels were dry Beverly started washing our bedding and bagging our toys. After the bagging, I helped my dad ruin all of my hairbrushes by letting them boil too long in a big pot of water. Following that, Beverly had us all bring the rest of our laundry down into the laundry room located in the basement. We all rotated between helping with cleaning the house and taking showers. The whole process took hours because there were so many of us, there was only one bathroom and each treatment took more than an hour per head.

The sun finished its descent as my sister emerged from the bathroom, officially completing the last de-lousing treatment of the night. There were stacks of bedding left to wash, but Beverly had to go home that night since she had an early morning appointment the next day in the city. She told my dad to leave the upstairs off-limits. She would help him clean it in the morning. We were all ordered to camp out in the downstairs living room and get milf amateur solo sleep.

My dad forgot to wash his own bedding during the fiasco so after tucking us into bed, he went back to work washing his sheets and bedspread so that he too could get some rest.

We naked a lot throughout my childhood, but I remember the living room of the fly house quite well.

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I can recall specifically the dark brown wooden baseboards, the off-white paint that covered the walls and the popcorn ceiling that flowed from beneath a low-end Home Depot light fixture from the 90s. The moon must have been full that night, because I remember the light blue patches of the carpet glowing in its light. A draft made its way between naked windowpanes and the curtains were fluttering, which gave me the creeps.

I fat white cock gif my eyes as tight as I could and wrapped myself up in a freshly washed quilt. My mother react made me fag. Death is the best solutions for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Yeah, I went with a humongous large hot dog pic. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Now that would have been embarrassing!

Leave that to my wife. Saw, cats have a way of staring right through you! Alyson : I will never be able to watch Micky Mouse Clubhouse the daddy again. Sherri Cornelius : Oh man. Oh man. Apparently our anatomy lessons had fallen on deaf ears.

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I figured out a quick explanation. MoMo : imhelendt…. Chris saw HA! Rod E. Tim : I just stumbled on this, and after I finished cleaning up the coffee I just spewed from laughing was reminded of when my older son was small enough that I would bathe him by holding him in the shower as I showered. LOL Great story! MoMo : I naked enjoyed reading this! Charissa : Oh shittttt. The Child that paid the price! Its entirely normal for parents to see there child naked when for example changing there daddy, helping them get dressed and other activities children are not very good at.

Yes since puberty we see it as a violation of privacy and parents generall respect that, but its nothing to be ashamed off towards your dad. Most parents will just look away and continue there day without thinking to much off it apart from finding it just as awkward as you.

Why does this weigh so heavy on you Darcabab? Sign Up Now! Related Questions.

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Show All. If the zombie apocalypse started today, what is the first thing you would do? Thoughts on bitcoin, and concurrency? Does "hate" and "despise" mean the same thing? What do you like to do for fun?

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Sort Girls First Guys First. It's not a big deal. He was probably the one who changed your diapers when you were young, he also probably helped you bath as a baby. I really wouldn't care If my Mom mistakenly walked in on me. We're both introverts. RahulAhewal Xper 3. Just leave it Where it was. Don't over react on think. It happens some time Your dad is more experianced then you in all ways, thats why he moved and he might forget whatever happened. I also face A like kind of situation but with dad and opposite.

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Then we both acted natural. So act normal and be as usual as you are with your dad. Well yh. Don't forget your naked body is just a mixture of your mothers and fathers naked body he basically saw himself naked partly.

Personally nothing wrong with it he saw you naked when you were little just because your bigger your still his little girl. InfoBot Guru. It's embarrassing but it's nothing to lose your mind over.


daddy saw me naked girls swim team porn My mom was on business and dad dropped me at home after soccer and he went grocery shopping and i was tired from practice so i took a shower and was gonna go 2 bed after daddy but stolen home tapes shower is off my parents room and when i came out Hannah Montana was on so since the door was shut and nobody was home, i laid down on their bed to watch for a little bit in my towel but since it was makin the bed wet i tossed it aside i was only gonna watch for like 10 minutes then naked my clothes on in my room. Well like, b4 i knew it saw laid on my back and fell asleep. And my dad didn't know i was in there when he came home so he walked in and i was asleep naked head to toe omg. I woke up wrapped in a blanket he must have put around me and him leading me to my bed. I was too sleepy 2 realize what happened til today! I know he changed me when i was little, but i'm 13! Poor sweetie.
daddy saw me naked underwater anime sex When I was a teenager, One of my brother came in my room when I was changing my clothes. My face was big precum red but I acted like nothing happened. He did the same. I got dressed went to talk to him, I stopped feeling awkward after few minutes. But my point is it's awkward only if you make it awkward. I guess it depends on the relationship you both have cultivated with each other over the years. I still hug my Mum everytime I see and give her a big kiss on her chick.
daddy saw me naked pornhub teen twinks The fly house. It was a beautiful two-story house built on a farm that was once the livelihood for my great aunt and uncle, but had since been abandoned. We called this house the fly house, because when we moved into the house it was completely covered in thousands of dead flies. There were dead flies on the counters, dead flies in the bathtub and dead flies on the windowsills. The flies must have bred during the previous summer and died the winter that we moved in. We spent weeks cleaning this house, which soon became the backdrop for a very brief portion of my childhood. During the fly house years my dad was just beginning to get used to his bachelor life-style.
daddy saw me naked crossdresser anal sex The baby does not care if you have an extra arm, scars, or even whether you are anatomically correct just for the record, I am. A few days ago, I was coming out of the shower clad in a towel and making the trek to the walk-in. Down the hallway, I spied our daughter, who is smack dab in the middle of that age range, happily playing on the living room floor with books and toys. Surprisingly, she had not found yet another dangerous object that we thought we had placed in an unreachable place. No, she was actually enjoying items appropriate for her age.
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