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There is an alternative cartoonist here in Melbourne by the name of Fred Negro who had a great one once that I've never forgotten. Guzzle shit and whistle Dixie, twatface. Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem. Es de acervus excrementum, impudens es leno.

Caput tuum in ano est. Podex perfectus est. Tu plenus sterco es! Futue te ipsum! And of course, the ever classic: Perite! They seem a bit familiar.

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Most of these are ones I've collected from various websites. From my "not technically vulgar" list Its salt-in-the-wounds insulting. Ah yes, cuntrag has served me very well in the past, too. And, Draax gives very good advice indeed into the theory of creative insulting.

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Mixing in curses in different languages helps as well. I always say buttlicker I think that's pretty insulting. Edgar Alan Pooh. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Tribus: This post does not reflect the opinions of any government, company, organization or person. My favorite: fuck the fucking fucker s. Tribus: It puts the lotion on its gif or it gets the hose "again. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Posted: Wed Sep 03, am.

Registered: May 26, Posts: licker Oh, shi- Registered: Nov 5, Posts: Registered: Dec 15, Posts: Darkseid lavish styles anal there be Bacon. TurinTurambar Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: This post does not reflect the opinions of any government, company, organization or person.

Registered: Jan 30, Posts: I'll fucking Carlton Fisk yer fuckin' head with dick Louise-ville fuckin' slugger! Whadya think of that ass fuck!? Another car approaches F1: "Hi Willie. Not a bad day, huh? Could you help me out?

September 1st 1998 No. 13

I hear your the best with directions. I can tell ya that much. So where ya headed? You know, if you'd tell me, I'd appreciate it, you fuckin' prick. Fuck you!

Dick licker

You forgot to pay the fuckin' toll you dirty whore! I'll fuckin' drop you with a boot to the fuckin' skull you cum guzzling queen! Another car approaches M3: "Hey Willie.

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I hope you choke on a fuckin' bottle cap, ya fuckin' son of a fuck! Eat shit! Eat my shit! Another car approaches Bishop Nelson: "Hello Willie. Good to see you.

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Nice to see ya. That was quite a sermon you had the other day. Isn't that the same price your mother charges for a blow job, you piece of dog shit!? Have another one, you fuckin' lush! It's not my fault the bartender cut ya off last night ya fuckin' douche bag! Another car approaches M5: "Hey! Go suck a corn you fuckin' piece of repeatin' shit!


dick licker gif facesitting websites Ok, recently, I've been full of rage and I've been spewing explitives and insults around like a sailor in Bangkok, except that my vocabulary needs to expand. What are your favorite insults? My current favorites are: Cock-knocker Fucknut Fucktard Motherfucker and dickhead are just so old and overused. Help a brother out with his vocabulary. Gotta love hyphens for their hatred power! I've been rather fond of "dipshit" and "dumbass" lately. My particular favorite phrase being "good goin' dipshit".
dick licker gif sandra alice romain Dollar twenty-five please. Thanks fer askin, pop! I'll come right outta the booth and fuckin' whack ya, you fuckin' prick! Another car approaches M2: "Hey, hey, Willie! Hows it going?
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