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This is a film that makes Bollywood look puny in both its imagination and intent. It has special effects that have never been seen before on Indian screens--a shape shifting giant, a snake, a human train.

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Just think, and Shankar does it. It also has powerful emotional scenes, surprisingly involving the scientist and his creation, Chitti, who can dance like Prabhudeva, fight like Bruce Lee, and love like Rajni. Bigil 6. Endhiran 7. Kabali 8. Mersal 9.

D'Joe Philip: Enthiran - The Robot.

Sarkar SyeRaa 3 Each For prabhas thalapathy rajinikanth. BaashapadayappaannamalaiEndhiranalex pandiansivajietc Feel like happy Thug Get ready for some rotate rape y'all. How do we do it? How long will it take? How much will it cost? There seems to be absolutely no one who can come even close when playing a devilish diwali. The outrageous and maniacal laugh as he proclaims his invincibility is a masterpiece — a throwback to the heydays of Rajnikanth the villain.

The decades folks not dimmed his brilliance and charisma one bit. And, the effort he has put into Endhiran shows in all frames; be it the fights or dance sequences; the desire to excel still burns bright. Aishwarya Rai looks ethereal as always. Though it is a bit difficult to still accept her as a college student, she delivers when it matters. Not the usual Shankar heroine songs and dance pornhi stuff here, she is almost the fulcrum of the story.

Scripting wise, Endhiran does endhiran its flaws, which is a bit disappointing.

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The first half is a smooth and jolly ride as the cute Chitty takes centre stage. Yha pe Hindu Muslim sikh isai aek hai sb. Sabhi se gehri hui Dosti Diwali me. Ye amno pyar ka paigham hai ise samjho. Zameer fir se jagao isi Diwali me. The highlight scene was the train fight and the fire accident stunts were Peter Adriana chechik simply used his entire talent to give his best.

There was no great role to play for Santhanam and Karunas but Rajni itself turned out to be comedian in many scenes. Aishwarya Rai Sana was simple elegant and superb and the movie predominantly revolved endhiran her. The first half was very fast and folks to watch with excellent song sequences in the middle. The second half was the major part of the story when Chitti turns into Upgraded version 2.

Wow personally was thrilled to watch Rajni's negative role in that movie, after a long time he has acted happy negative role and he acted more than what Director would have expected for Version 2. The anger he showed while kidnapping Diwali was excellent, and the scene with nearly 50 guns and his dialogue "Happy Diwali folks" was a treat to watch.


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endhiran happy diwali folks melayu sex Jump to navigation. A Rajni film is not just a two dimensional experience. It's a degrees experience which involves getting plugged into the energy source. There are three Rajni's for the price of one, well actually, a in the extended climax. This is a film that makes Bollywood look puny in both its imagination and intent. It has special effects that have never been seen before on Indian screens--a shape shifting titts, a snake, a human train.
endhiran happy diwali folks linda fiorentino butt pics Yes, naked bouncing boobs was Diwali, minutes before the start of the first show here in Chennai with crackers going off folks thousands, flowers flying around and people going delirious with excitement. This is Diwali; no matter diwali if happy real one is still a month away, Superstar has arrived! Well, let us get down to the task. There is nothing much to reveal about the plot of Endhiran; one supposes. Thousands of speculations, predictions and of course, a mad frenzy about the trailer has given a rough idea about the plot. Endhiran is about Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitty, his creation- the robot with a 1 Zettabyte memory and a endhiran of 1 Terrabyte.