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Someone requested a trumpet with working tone valves. Well this one has flexing tone valve and the spital valves work as well. So, my trumpet model will now have 2 flavours, the original called trumpet. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone. This is a shiny microphone by the company Blue. The head and legs are moveable to your liking. Hope you find it useful. Blue Yeti Microphone.

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This a high quality microphone made by the company Blue. The base is twistable to your liking. Created by Detonatress. It once belonged to a person. Do not ask how this item was acquired, just use it and never speak of this again. Just a book. Borderlands 2 Prop Pack 1 [LR]. Nude girls washing cars pic by LowRider. A collection of props and huggybear items from the game, Borderlands 2!

The 2nd image shows nearly all of the props apart from Hallway. Breakfast Bowl with that old sticky milk. Just a bowl I made in blender free to use in all of your SFM videos but please consider crediting me!

Created by HardlySeemsFair. A derelict bridge It's too big to sfm as 1 model so you have to spawn all 3 parts. Bubble Gum. A pink bubble gum model from an earlier SFM beta.

It huggybear no longer included in SFM so I'm reuploading it for easy access. Includes sliders to blow up and flatten it. Perfect for your mouth and feet respectively. Just a little butterfly. Sfm by Commander Bear. Created by AmitKilo. Camera from Call Of Huggybear 4.

Camp Buildings [Friday the 13th]. Camp tent [Friday the 13th]. Campus Hallway. Room map port form xna. Candlelight particle system. Created by Zachariah. Have you ever needed a little bit sfm fire to go on top of your huggybear Have you ever needed a LOT bit of fire to go on top of your candles? I had huggybear mighty need for candles, so I built a quick system to deploy them by the hundreds. In addition to just rele Car Props Consumer Pack v0. Consumer car props for scenebuilds, filming, and mapping. Car Props Materials. Carpet road mat. Who did not have one of these when growing up?

To get back in the swing of making models for SFM I figured I should start on something simple and work my way up again. It was difficult finding a good enough image to use for the road so if anyone finds Cassette Tape. For all your Mixtape Needs. Castle Of The Everfree. Created by Walter. Castle keep. Created by Ethosaur. Since this map was compatible with SFM too, i thought i'd just upload it along with the gmod version! Cat - The Evil Within 2. Chair Drape. Created by Not the Phantom of the Opera. A chair drape I made for a video I made [apostronaut.

Champagne Glass. Created by Elim Garak. I wanted a champagne glass for a massage parlor sex cam thing. There wasn't one to find. Spent 5 minutes in 3dsmax making one.

There it is. Fits most hands but, ya know, you can sfm it and all. Chess Board 'N' Pieces. Features a board and all 32 pieces, all of which are movable. Chests pack. Each chest has a bone to open the lid. Chevrolet Corvette Thingy. Created by Kirito. Fuck you, St. If you're dumb enough to fall for this piece of crap, you have came to the right place!

It can ametuer teens fucking up to mph in just about 40 hours, awesome, isn't it?

Not to mention sfm low mi Christmas Gifts. Created by Naggy. Pictures by Nejminer. Chrysaetos' Raven Warrior Guild Wars 2. Created by Zero One. Just 4 models from GTA V Cigarette pack. Model by: Games Production and BillJ Port by: RobGamings Model made in 3Ds Max Ported to blender by Chuiza Productions. Circus Baby V4. Have fun Circus Baby v5. Model made by: MateusRiff [mateusriff. Circus Baby!

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Created by Qutiix!! So here it is!! My design at Circus baby from Sister Location!! I hope you guys enjoy it!! I hope you'll love it to bits!! Check him out he is a wonderful modeler!! Circus Baby's Pizza World Version 2. Created by WeaselWare. Version two of my Circus Baby's Pizza World. Created by Huggybear. My first Workshop upload. Wew lad. I've looked for ages to find a clarinet model for SFM.

There's never been one. So I took up the challenge. Many thanks to Pte Jack, whose guide I've been read Cliffs, Rocks, and Slopes. Created by Speeder Tired of flat boring scenebuilds? Huggybear from Mafia 2. Commando Chicken [KF2]. Community Cup [SFM]. Created by omgwtfbbq. From Source Center Community [new. Condiment Sfm. This sfm a request for someone. Need some Ketchup, Mustard, or Mayo on that Sandvich? This model comes with 3 skins, and a flex to squeeze it!

Conker: Big Reunion [Models]. Created by Heather the Hedgehog. Conveyor Belt.

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Created by Populus. Just a cookie I made in blender free to use in all of your SFM videos but please consider crediting me! Cork Board and multicolored thumbtacks! Hi, we all like to pin stuff up on corkboards right? Crystal Clusters Prop Pack.

Created by forbidden snacc. Its cupcake yay. Custom Cubemap Pack. Created by Hyperchaotix. So I made some custom cub Customizable Wooden Planks. Created by Pipann. I got inspired by Spore one day don't ask and decided to create some cartoony plank props for you all. These are all customizable through flexes and skins. Stretch, squash, bend Build a cabin, a boat, bridge, stairs The sky is the limit! Huggybear sug Customizable gobo strips model. For the features please look at the pictures above. Beautiful little shinies for all those shiny needs.

Now on Gmod! Cutlets with Pasta and Mashed Potatoes. Created by JDash. No Ponies included! A little guide is included in the preview above, to what skin setting does what, mimicking the real deal. Realife videos can help for reference. Created by Kirillian. All credits for models and textures to capcom I take only credits for porting content, and making the map. Requires DMC4 Content DOOM - Revenant. Created by Ageha. Visually bug free unlike the overwatch models. It also has mock sub-surface scattering so have fun with that. It's a non-branded design based off of the Nikon D series, best I can tell.

DaMikel's Mangle V3. Created by DaMikel. Hey look another fnaf item. Sfm Christmas everyone! Daisy room. Created by [FR] nighty. At least credit me for my work. A prop pack based on the moon areas from the game Dark Cloud. I made these props for promoting a "Dark Cloud"-themed Upskirt celebrity gallery item I posted up to the workshop ages ago. The area shown above is a control room at moon base "Lemon Drops", a location from the a Dark Souls - Kiln of the First Sfm.

Created by KillerSpring. It is a vast area which appears huggybear be covered in ash. It houses 5 Black Knights an Boss room only, spawn and lightning is gonna be fixed soon, don't worry First Dark Souls map to be published in workshop, yay I still have to learn exactly how to make proper lightning tho, so the next map sfm not coming soon It's probably be New Londo Rui Map Skyboxes - Huggybear.

Created by Flan. Deeakron's Very Useful Panel V2. Created by Deeakron. The new and improved very useful panel, useful for your scenebuilding needs!

This panel takes every thing that was good with the previous panel and makes it better! It has 6 more textures, and some of them are special textures bump map, scroll, self i Created by MinifigJoe.

Come on Down to Freddy's! We got an establishment to put together. Devilman Devilman Crybaby. Created by Guimian. Model commissioned by Daitomodachi, check his SFM animations! Diamonds, jewels and gemstones pack. A collection of gemstone jewelry and diamond models I created for Source Filmmaker. There are 10 gems huggybear total, as well as a ring box model.

The ring box has movable lids. Each gem has 11 skins to choose from. Digimon: Garudamon. Created by komobungus. Is it that one with the red balls and the huggybear rat sfm Includes: Garudamon. Created by nikout Contains 4 skins and bone controls on everything. Diner Dark. Created by Patrick Jr. This is probably my first time removing lights from a map, here's my try at hot andriya, I hope it suits your needs. Dinning Set. Liara T'Soni 18?

Ashley Williams 15? Asari 11? Diana Allers 11? Samantha Traynor 11? Samara 10? Star Wars 10? DC 10? Any chance to add bones to the bottom of her shirt? As it is now, it's glued to her butt. Create Account Sign in. No items are available. Maybe upload some stuff? Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Sfm here a Mine. It's too big to work as 1 model so you have to spawn all 3 parts.

Have fun. Angel Drag 24 Apr pm. Resident Evil 5. A weird Nathan Boi 15 Feb, pm. AtlanteadLemuris 13 Oct, pm. This mine is mine, ya hear?!

Great job BW! I think I caught lightning in a bottle with this series because they got a huge amount of favorites and comments on deviantArt. Just to toot my own horn a bit. JavaScript is required to view this site.


huggybear sfm merunyaa Thanks porting this, it looks great! Any plans to fix the inverted normals? Very nice Ganon, I'm looking forward to further iterations! Any plans to give her a proper skeleton? As she is now, it's very difficult to pose her with bones alone.
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huggybear sfm naked swim models Many colonists in the Terminus systems even hailed them as heroes. During the war they fought valiantly against the Reapers in the Terminus systems, not for any ideological reason, but purely for survival, along with the rest of the galaxy. And like the rest of the galaxy, they suffered devastating losses, but they were victorious. Slowly rebuilding in the outer Terminus Systems, they themselves have become raiders, huggybear, and slavers, seeing any non-human colony as a target. Sometimes striking as far in as Outer Council Space, Alliance Intelligence estimates their troop numbers in the hundreds of thousands, their slave and prisoner population in the millions. Other free teen strip galley her masterful understanding of tactics and her ability to inspire fanatical loyalty among her followers, very little is sfm about her.
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