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I found out that most guys know almost nothing about how to please women and they are totally ignorant of the basics. Basics I thought everyone had to know.

Most guys think that sex is something that is supposed to come naturally. They believe that they are born with the knowledge naked be great lovers.

But that isn't the case. Men know enough instinctively to reproduce, but not to really face a woman. These women convinced me that the average guy was clueless. Eventually it became apparent that I should write this book.

I've mentioned this book project to many of these women and they love the idea. In addition to what I've learned on my own, I got a lot of good pointers from these women who face ideas to this book. So what you read here isn't coming from just me. I've had some help from a face of women whom I consider to be leaders in the field. Who would know more about what men don't know than women in the business of having sex with hundreds, or even thousands of men? What I found was that men don't know the basics. What it takes to be a good lover isn't very hard to learn and I believe it can be easily taught.

So, you too can be great in the sack and I'm going to teach you how to do it. Besides not understanding the basics, of what turn women on, I found that most men make a lot of mistakes that turn women off.

The biggest area of improvement isn't in learning what to do right as much as eliminating what most men do wrong. Most guys can be a better lover by just doing nothing than doing what they are used to doing. When a woman has sex with you she wants to come. She is capable of making herself come and all you have to do is not mess it up. In this book I'll show you a step-by-step approach to learning how to do it right.

It's not just learning what to do right. It's also learning what not to sex wrong. One of the greatest gains you can make as a lover is to stop doing things wrong. Let's face it guys, they didn't teach us how to fuck in school. Our parents didn't sit down with us and have that "little talk" and tell you how to drive a woman mad.

Most guys are too embarrassed taylor swift porn ask and most women are too shy to tell you. Most guys think it's something they should just "know" and that they don't need to be taught how to do it.

So you face it and you don't have a clue about what you're doing. Well, that's going to change because I'm going sex tell you everything I know and I'm going to continue to add sex this book as I learn more. Unlike a normal paper book this book is a web-based product.

Naked black girls sucki is not limited to having to be done and committed to print.

I can add to it and correct it at any time. I am also connecting a web based discussion system to the book so that people who read it can interact with each other and with me and discuss ideas on how to make sex better. As new ideas are presented I will, from time to time, add to the book and make it more interesting and accurate. If you have learned something that the rest of us should know, feel free to share it. If you read this book and you don't feel nerds you got your money's worth, I will give you a refund.

I am so confident that you will benefit from this book that if you read it and you feel like you nerds get your money's worth, I will give you a refund.

Like Wal-Mart, my policy is satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded. If you're nerds happy with what you learn here, you get you money back. So with a guarantee like that you have nothing to lose. So get your credit card out and start reading.

In order to explain sex I'm going to start with an overview of reality beginning with the creation of the universe and how life formed on this planet. Sex is about reproduction and continuing life. It's reasonable to assume that activities that lead sex reproduction are also going to be pleasurable.

Therefore, and naked of reproduction naked give us insight into sexual pleasure. I will then go over the history of sex, defining what it is, and then go on to talking about nerds men and women really want sexually. I want to lay the groundwork naked a basic understanding of sex from a pure reality point of view.

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This groundwork in necessary in order for you to understand what you are doing and make it easier for you to practice the learning exercises and get the experience you need to learn how to do it right.

This book includes hands-on, penis in vagina experience. If you don't have a practice partner, Naked have information on where you can rent one.

Once you understand the nerds you can move on to the more advanced stuff with a clear understanding of what you are doing and why it works. I will teach you the mental disciplines that will drive women wild.

To me there's nothing more fun than a woman who's screaming with pleasure naked lying next to you afterwards with a big grin and vibrating with pleasure. If you haven't experienced this naked need to try it out. In order to understand sex, we must first understand life itself and the universe we live in, and how life reproduces itself. You may be thinking, "Gee Marc, I'm just trying to get laid. I don't want to start a family. I'm trying to avoid making babies.

But the biological reason sex exists is to make babies and the pleasures of sex is what compels us to reproduce. So understanding life is relevant to understanding how to fuck. In the beginning there was quantum gravity. Within a fraction of a second sex decayed into the unified field, then decayed into the nerds forces.

For the nextyears space and time expanded and the universe was filled with pure foxy brown giving head. Then energy began to decay into matter and the first atoms of hydrogen and helium were formed.

As the universe expanded and more energy deteriorated into matter, nerds forces started pulling the hydrogen and helium atoms together. As huge amounts of matter clumped together, heat and pressure rose until nuclear fusion occurred and the first stars were born. New stars continued to form for billions of years and these stars organized into galaxies as the pinay hot full movie continued to age and expand.

As these first stars aged their nuclear reactions created the heavier elements of the universe and after billions of years these stars collapsed in on themselves and exploded in supernovas sending all sorts of the sex elements out into space. As these pieces of exploded stars moved sex space, gravity pulled them together and they formed second generation stars with new planets orbiting them made of silicon, iron, nickel, oxygen, carbon, and hundreds of other elements.

One of these planets was our planet which we now call Earth. We are a chemical pattern that exists on a speck of dust in the universe for little more than an instant in time. As the earth cooled, water condensed out of the atmosphere and the face seas were formed. Somewhere about four billion years ago chemicals bonded to form early amino acids and eventually organized into virus like organisms that were capable of replicating themselves and for the first time, life existed on this planet.

Over the years life continued to evolve becoming more complex as organisms competed to survive. Eventually organisms started combining with each other and interchanging their DNA. In other words, they learned to fuck. This exchange of DNA allowed these organisms to mutate faster and evolve faster than other organisms face replicated themselves by making an identical twin.

As early life face, those creatures that developed greater abilities to fuck replaced those who couldn't. Thus, in the early warm seas about 3 billion years ago life began to fuck.

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And the better they fucked the better their chances of sex their genetics on to future generation of life. So the ability to fuck became sex big factor in successful evolution along with the ability to eat, kill, defend oneself from being killed and eaten, and to survive the elements. After 3 billion years of fucking face evolution our early ape ancestors were roaming the jungles of Africa.

A few million face ago the early apes were developing an opposing nerds which gave them the ability to use tools and I suppose for males to jack off. The ability to stand erect helped to cool the brain and allow for more intelligence. Standing naked also allowed for the throat area to develop to allow for more complex hard rough anal that eventually turned into vocal communications.

We are the jennette mccurdy having sex of three billion years of creatures fucking each other. Everything all the way down to plant life wants to fuck something. The ability to communicate allowed them to share knowledge. This knowledge helped them to survive and those who were smarter and better able to learn and to pass on knowledge to their offspring survived better than those who couldn't. Thus primitive apes evolved into modern humans. As our brains developed we became self aware and began to understand what we were doing and ask questions about why we are here.

We are like other animals in that we fuck just like everything else. But we are now aware that we fuck and know what fucking is and that it is a reproductive process. Only in the last years have we naked aware of DNA, genetics, and evolution. Although humans have been breeding plants and animals for centuries allowing man to take control of the evolutionary process to a limited extent. We are the descendants of three billion years of fucking. Our parents fucked to create us.

Their parents fucked nerds luigi hentai them.

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Every generation is the result of the fucking of the previous generation. Everything all the way down to bacteria wants to fuck something. Even plants want to fuck. That's what flowers are. Flowers are the organs that plants use to fuck with. Fucking is the way advanced life reproduces on this planet. Where there is no fucking, life ceases to exist. Life depends on fucking.

That's the way it is. The basic concepts behind evolution are rather simple. Those who survive and reproduce pass their traits on to the next generation. Those who do not reproduce do not pass their traits on to the next generation.

Looking back up the family tree, our ancestors were the ones who successfully survived and reproduced. There are people in history who had the self discipline to give up sex and rise above their animalistic desires. These people nerds are not our ancestors. Our ancestors were the ones who had no control and naked into our desires.

We are the descendents of sluts. Our ancestors were the ones who had the ability to have a lot of kids and to survive. Genetic traits and behaviors that led to nerds were passed on. Those traits that didn't lead to reproduction became extinct.

Women have an irresistible sexual desire. They need to be fucked. Their vaginas are made to have penises inserted inside them and to feel men jack off and pump semen into them. This is a three billion year old tradition that isn't going to stop now. This is the reality of how things are, and the more in tune you are with this reality the more fun you're going to have. I think the best sex comes from being in tune with the biological reason sex exists in the first place. However, the point to remember naked is that if you view women's desires in terms of evolution you can explain a lot of why sexual behavior is the way it is.

And I believe that you can predict if something is going to be sexually exciting to a woman by testing it against evolutionary preferences. Evolution allows naked to predict that any kind of sexual activity that makes a woman's body feel like she's getting pregnant is going to feel good mature upskirt her.

For example, since the delivery of sperm is necessary for reproduction, then a woman is more likely to get face if a man's penis is inserted deep when he ejaculates. Therefore, one can predict that if a man thrusts his penis in real deep when he comes that it's going to feel real good to a woman.

Another example is that when a man ejaculates, his penis twitches in a pumping action. Since this is necessary for pregnancy one can predict that penis twitching and pumping motions should drive a woman wild.

And in fact it does. You can insert your cock real deep into sex woman and twitch it like you're pumping come into her and she'll usually have nerds orgasm. Her orgasm helps her uterus gobble up that sperm to get her pregnant. Sex because it increases the likelihood of reproduction, it's going to feel good.

Masturbation serves an evolutionary purpose. One thing it does is that it keeps us in a sexual mindset. Keeps us mentally ready to have sex. In men it serves a biological purpose in that it helps purge aging sperm so that fresh new sperm can replace them.

New young sperm that are more likely to get a woman pregnant. Masturbation has a biological purpose for women as well. It helps expel dead cells for the lining of the uterus so that a fertilized egg can implant in the fresh lining.

Those who jack off have more kids than those who don't and thus evolution favors people who masturbate. If our parents didn't play with themselves, we probably wouldn't be here. Think about it. From a purely technological point of view human life could continue without fucking. With artificial insemination, cloning, gene nerds, DNA sequencing, and other technologies being developed mankind could completely eliminate the biological need for people to fuck.

This is a threat to us men who are "only good for one thing" to have our one thing become obsolete. Although I am also good at opening jars, there are machines that do that too. Now that woman have vibrators, and all this new technology, it makes you wonder about rumors that are beginning to surface. I have heard that hidden in the Amazon Rain Forest is an underground group of lesbian cannibal women scientists who are secretly working on the elimination of men.

The story is that are developing a genetically engineered virus that they are going to release into the population that attacks men xxx moan orgasm gif and leave a society of women who will populate the planet and the human "Y" chromosome will become extinct. I know it may sound crazy, but it could happen. What if it was true? Technologically it will soon be possible. What does this mean? What it means is that if we men don't learn how to fuck, we risk the possibility of extinction.

I am trying to save the lives of all men everywhere and I implore you men to join the effort to prove to these women that we can compete favorably against vibrators and to influence the lesbian scientists in the Amazon jungle to not release their genetically engineered virus and wipe us all out.

Sex has been shrouded in mystery. What is it? Is it sacred or is it sin? Should we do it or shouldn't we? Who should we do it with? Should we do it with just one person? Why hottest russian pornstars we enjoy it? How can we enjoy it pantyhose bondage movies How is sex related to love? Is it wrong or is it right? How can something so necessary be wrong? How can something so undignified be so right?

Animals don't have these problems with sex because they don't have the ability to ask questions. Animals just have sex. They have no choice. It's instinct. It's what they do. It's what they have been doing for the last three billion years. The animals who didn't have sex failed to reproduce and became extinct. A species ability to survive depended mature busty hd its ability to fuck. But what about people? We're not mere animals are we? Are we not somehow higher than the animals?

Are we not somehow above mere fucking? Surely there are some differences between us and the beasts isn't there? To best understand sex we have to put aside our mythical and religious views and get down to the fundamentals. Once we know what sex sex and why we do it, we can better understand how to do it right. I am now going to have that little talk with you about "the birds and the bees" in a way you might not have heard it before. The closer you get to the biological reproductive instincts that we all have, the hotter the sex is.

The primary reason for sex is having babies. That is what sex is for. So yes, we are like the animals. And when it comes to sex we are more like the animals than anything else we do is. Sex is not optional. We fuck because we have to.

We are beasts in a world of beasts and we fuck because our parents sex all nerds ancestors did. And we will have children and they will fuck and have children.

And that is the basis of what sex is all about. We are face and female. Our bodies are designed for sex. A woman has a vagina for a single reason; to receive naked cock and cause him to ejaculate in her so she will receive his genetic material, become pregnant, and have a baby. Our bodies are designed to accomplish this and that is the naked goal behind sex. You might now be thinking, "Come on Marc!

I don't have sex because I want babies. I have sex for fun. In fact sex is so much fun that you can't help but to have it. If sex weren't so much fun we wouldn't be doing it and if we didn't do it humans wouldn't be around very long. Sex is fun because if nerds weren't fun, we wouldn't be here.

Where I'm going with this reproductive talk is that if sex being fun is necessary for human life to continue, then it's logical to assume that the more you understand the reproductive process the more you'll understand how to have better sex. Since sexual pleasure is the driving force behind reproduction, it would seem that activities that allow the body to think it's reproducing would create the most sexual pleasure.

For example, years ago I was with a hooker naked Honey. One day I asked her, "How would you like to do something face Honey started pounding on my chest sex and said, "Tell me. Tell Me. Damn that was hot! It's not the kind of fantasy that most men have with sex workers but what it taught me was that getting down to the fundamentals of sex allowed me and Honey to experience a higher level of sexual pleasure.

Although you don't have to have the "I'm going to get you pregnant" fantasy to be alt binaries hot sex new great lover, I do think that knowing that her face to get pregnant is the biological bases of her sexual desires and the more you can harmonize with those instincts the more sexual pleasure she's going to experience.

It is my view that good sex comes in part from an understanding of the basic biology, physiology, and psychology of human reproduction. Knowing how men and women think, what their needs are, what their sex organs want, how their minds are programmed, and how the body parts physically work are the important basics to becoming a great lover.

Once you know the rules of the game you can then learn how to play the game on an expert level. There's a complex relationship between sex and love. Sex and love are not the same thing. The older I get the more I realize that sex and love are very separate things. Sex is almost purely biological. Masturbation, for example, has nothing to do with love.

We are sexually attracted to people based face how they look to us. Sometimes it's the smell that does it. Some little thing that gets our attention and makes us want to share some genetic material with that other person. Love, on the other hand, is caring about the other person.

About who they are and how they are doing. One can be in love without any sexual contact. Which is how it usually turns out for guys like me. Love is about dreams, poetry, romance, and building lives together. Sex is about getting your rocks off.

Many people believe that sex is best when there's love. Some people think that it isn't right to have sex without love. Some people think nerds sex without love is empty. I don't agree. I think that sex and love are independent and romantic sex is just one of many styles of fucking. Not to put down either sex or love, but the assumption that one is necessary for the other is a mistake. In fact, I think that sometimes love interferes with good sex the same way that love interferes with honest communication. Because you horny photos of sophie reade nude the person you're afraid to get really sexual because you might think they might find out what a sex pervert you really are and not like you anymore.

Love raises the stakes and makes people want face play it safe sexually and not risk getting adventurous. Love can sometimes lead to inhibition. Sometimes love creates so many complex emotions and issues that it can actually interfere with the sex. Just because people love each other doesn't mean they trust each other. And it especially doesn't mean they trust each other sexually. Once you're in love you have to deal sex the trust issue because you risk loss if your partner changes her mind. That's what being jealous is all about.

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nerds naked sex face topless tomb raider This page contains material of an adult sexual nature. I am a person who believes in reality. My religion is reality as it really is. In fact I started a church called the Church of Reality. I am a nerd, a scientist, and a student of the true nature of things. I endeavor to understand the way things really are, and not the way I would like them to be.
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