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Nudists have the right to exercise decision-making in the upbringing of their families in a manner consistent with their beliefs and without interference from others. Nudists have the right to assemble in the nude within appropriate settings. Nudists have the right to decisions about what constitutes acceptable nudity to be made free from considerations of age, gender, marital status, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Nudists have the right to responsibly enjoy being nude within appropriate locations on public lands. Nudists have the right to be free from adverse actions by their employers as a result of their lawful enjoyment of nudity when away from work.

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Nudists have the right to experience accurate, life-affirming portrayals of the human body in all its stages as depicted in the performing arts, the fine arts, literature, and human history. Nudists have the right to be treated as law-abiding citizens. Sexual activity at the beach is strictly prohibited, and for good reason!

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Nothing bad, dirty, or wrong with these pictures! Tumblr if you are against them, I am against you! We are no longer part-time residents. There is no more rushing to get home after spending a weekend at our nudist venue, since tumblr venue amber rayne orgasm home.

All alone, far from it all. I cannot hear human activity, only the wind rustling the trees, naturist and crickets chirping, and the quietness of my own thoughts. This picnick table is off the beaten path - just what I needed today! The past few weeks have been full of work travel, real to sell a home, and an overall frenetic pace.


Taking quiet time and feeling the freedom of being naked in nature and feeling the warm sun on my back is recharging me. I enjoy social nudity, but also enjoy being nude alone with my thoughts. I expect as the work week starts tomorrow I will be less stressed and more productive. How would my family and friends react if they knew about my fondness for destressing by spending time alone, nude?

My wife and I are nudists and the Journey is real.

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I will end real post as I often do, by encouraging you to: Go ahead, get out there, and get nude! Go to www. It helped us a lot when we were exploring what this nudist life was all about. Our experiences match those described in this NY Times article to the letter.

Nudism is freeing, healthy, and fellow nudists are, almost without exception, very friendly people. The community is very supportive. Neighbors are friendly and we actually know them and they know us. It is like small town USA once was; everyone knows everyone and is willing to help each other when needed. The social aspect. I am a profound tumblr, my wife less so. I find myself less Introverted and more connected to others at naturist nudist camp. This is, in my opinion, a good thing.

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We live in a family friendly place that fiercely protects against sexual predation. It is comforting to know that anyone who publicly displays sexual behavior is quickly and effectively removed from the property and banned from returning. Safety is a priority. None that I know of.

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The member owned club organizes activities for the enjoyment of the members. Potlucks, birthday celebrations, game and movie nights, and more. If the introvert in me needs to recharge I stay home.


real naturist tumblr newest ladyboy Repost cali. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. We become more in tune with our surroundings. Nudism and naturism are all about being one with nature. Some States now allow women to go top free in public, like men. Nudists rights are being violated in a very severe way. Nudists have the right to petition and be heard by their governments.
real naturist tumblr creampie butt Some initial thoughts:. It is a scary transition. While we have notified my family of the move, and where we are living, most everyone else does not know of the unique circumstances of where we live. Many naturist nudity as innately sexual or wrong, especially social nudity. It was nice to be able to unpack boxes, AND greet fellow tumblr who dropped by to ask if we real any help, dressed or undressed as we pleased. Answering the door nude is a new and freeing experience. It was odd knowing that the nudist community is now our home.
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