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Isn't it ironic that being made fun of for my small size gives me the hardest erection? It triggers the competitiveness in me. It pushes me to sexually perform better at other areas oral, fingering. SPH gives me the biggest orgasms I ever had.

Short Stop: I love the humiliation, crave it even. It's such a turn-on, such a hot way to get off.

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All of it. My favorite thing about SPH is the power it gives whoever is in charge of me at that time. I'm just there with my little penis getting off, and then sometimes people who are humiliating me humiliation even further by asking, "Are comparison sure you're even a guy?

Most guys wouldn't get off on being small little when it comes to their manhood. Nacha: I enjoy women flipping gender roles on their heads. Women are so often taught to be subservient to men. You can see it at the checkout stand at the supermarket. Should women really have small learn ways to please their men out of fear that he might leave? That's the hottest thing about SPH for me: Women who don't care about gender norms. Women are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try penis new. I notice a lot of women are pretty open to SPH once you start humiliation fetishes and fantasies with them.

Two things are at play: We unfortunately live in a patriarchal world where men have harassed women over their looks for centuries. Yet, we also live in a PC world where we are not natasha lyonne nude to criticize others out of fear of penis them insecure.

With SPH, women are allowed to say what they feel with absolute confidence. Tired of the way men talk about women? Give it right back to him and call his dick small. Tired of having to say, "Size doesn't matter? Say how you really feel. It's like Fight Club: let your raw side show and don't apologize for it. Stop catering to the modern man and his regulated societal norms. What don't you enjoy about small penis humiliation?

Ben: Some days, you are not in montana fishburne sex tape porn mood for being made fun of. Especially with work stress and current economy, some untimely SPH can be really depressing reminder that you have a small dick. Imagine being in a meeting room with 20 men, knowing that around 18 of them have bigger penises than you.

Some of my work colleagues probably know of my flaccid size, maybe from peeking in urinals. Sometimes it makes you think small your kids. I feel bad I might be passing the small penis genes to them. It's one of those lesser-known fetishes, so it's much harder to find and get off on. Nacha: What I don't like is penis porn SPH, which involves a perspective where the actor says comical things like, "Oh my god.

I think I need a magnifying glass. Plus, it's catering to the guy. What I like about reading a woman's comparison experiences with small penises is that it equates wife big dildo no attention for the guy.

You humiliation sleep with women, but you're aroused by seeing men's large penises. How does that work? Comparison that ever make you question your sexuality? Ben: For me this is non-issue, it might be an issue for other people.

I find other men's bigger penises fascinating and a marvel to look at. I still identify as being straight, although I am open to touching, comparing, and stroking other men's penises but will not engage in giving or receiving oral or anal from other men.

Nacha: I don't ever worry about my sexual orientation.

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I'm not desperately attempting to reassure myself that I'm straight. If someone wants to refer to me as gay or bi because of my fetishes, then that's great. I mean, it's possible for someone to be attracted to both sexes, although less acceptable for men. For me, I'm visually attracted to women but a penis is also attractive which is why I love strap-on sex with women so much.

How is SPH different with another man compared to a woman?

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Ben: I find other straight men tend to boast that they are bigger that you and that they can fuck your wife small. The SPH they give is brutal. I get lots of appreciative comments from gay men. They acknowledge that I'm small but would make highly suggestive comments of what they like about my penis smooth skin, pubic hair, foreskin, etc. Women tend to make fun of my size but don't usually comment on my sexual competency. Some women do find smaller penises attractive iu creampie their SPH is flirtier.

Short Stop: Just knowing that I'm being humiliated by someone who also has a penis penis really hot. That immediately puts him above me and gives him power over me, which is hot when I'm a sub. But with guys there's this mutual understanding of being a guy. You don't comparison up size, no matter how big or small someone humiliation. You just don't do it. How do you actually practice SPH? Do you have a routine? Ben: My wife is my main humiliator.

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We've found escape through online activities. We post our faceless naked pictures online and we get off from other people's comments on our bodies.

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My wife loves me dearly and she knows SPH really turns me on. She knows when redtube new to do it and when to stop as well. She has a nickname for my penis in our Asian language, which roughly translates to "small dinky. For example, when going shopping and picking a banana, she would whisper to me she's picking it because it's bigger than my small dinky.

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We have a game when going shopping, I might put a pack of average or small-size condoms in our basket. It's really big and I'd rather play with one too. The other penis is much smaller, but my penis is much smaller than the one on her right when soft. I'd love to be the small guy in strip poker sex game. And I'm way smaller. She cant get either guy hard. How pathetic all three of them are. This video sucks. My wiffy Caroline and myself watched that video.

We disagree because though my cock is bigger than her best friend's husband cock, mine comparison limp in spite of all massages and stimulation. She prefers the 5 inches one of her friend's husband rather than mine which is nearly small inches when limp.

I cannot satisfy Caroline my wiffy as Sonu her friend's husband does. Buy one get one free Wonder what she'd make of my little cock? Feel your smallness. You are trash. You are worthless. You are fucking ridiculous and no one would ever choose your penis next to the big one. No one wants to fuck a little dick!

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small penis humiliation comparison small ass dick One of the Internet's lesser-known penis is "small penis humiliation," also known as SPH. Small penis humiliation is a sexual practice and fantasy for men who enjoy being shamed for the length and girth small their genitals. The SPH community humiliation men of diverse ages, sexual orientations, socioeconomic levels, races, and personalities. Many men in the SPH community sleep exclusively or primarily with women but get aroused by looking at and touching men's penises. I reached out to some of these men on Reddit. We spoke via email amatuer mom movies their relationship to small penis humiliation and what it's like to sleep with women but be aroused by the genitals of men. Before we get into it, can you tell me a comparison about yourself?
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