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I have to thank you both for introducing me to the comic and for writing this story to fill in the gaps. This story in particular was of amazing quality and really flowed well. There was a lot of variety to the sex as well, which kept things interesting. All in all, I enjoyed this immensely. I actually really respect your decision to skip out on the Gwen and Pinky lemon due to a lack of experience with fetishes.

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Each material has its own author and owner, who we are not. What was the point of monologuing about it over and over?

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Why didn't she talk to Trent about her worries instead of going over them again and again? I really didn't understand why the author made Rachel repeat the same Trent-related thoughts every few paragraphs. Was it meant to make their relationship even more forbidden and sexy or something? Was it meant to show Trent in a good light with him choosing Rachel?

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Well, it didn't work the me. It was witch to read Rachel's never-ending Trent propaganda, it was like the author was desperate to show that Trent really loved Rachel and would sacrifice for her. But I never believed it, especially when it was obvious Trent with lose anything — he'd have his money, his power, his kids, Ellasbeth, respect from all the elves, not to mention his pet cute nude video in Rachel… And the ending confirmed that.

Trent didn't sacrifice anything so any attempts at making him seem like he was sacrificing for Rachel were empty. If the author wanted to show something different then Trent should have actually lost something by being with Rachel, which he never did, not only that he knew he could have it all, so all his gestures were meaningless.

Rachel kept banging on about his sacrifices and destiny… He never made any sacrifices he got everything he ever wanted and his comic to lead the elves was bullshit since any name elf of average intelligence and some morals could take over for him.

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Surely, he wasn't the only one suited for the role. I wasn't satisfied that her 'happily ever after' was spending decades being Trent's bit on the side and mother to his brats, it was depressing. She was meant to be an immortal demon who had lots to learn about magic and demons, she was destined for adventure and mishaps instead she basically turned into a dowdy old housewife, step-mum and presumably a rich bitch.

The fact that there were only introduced in the previous book yet played a significant role in the last book of thirteen felt very contrived. Maybe if they'd been introduced earlier on they wouldn't have felt so out of place.

Cormel could have been a great bad guy but he turned into a caricature. The three of them were such lame antagonists for the final book of such a long series. The twit really loved blaming everything on herself, even when someone abused her for no fucking reason. Not only that Rachel pretty much force fuck a girl herself for Trent abusing her. Ugh, Rachel obviously loved being used and abused. No wonder she fell for Trent.

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For those 25 years Rachel was suppressing her happiness and needs just so Trent could still be the elven leader, it was ALL for him and he knew that, so for him to basically turn that around and make out he was the one that'd been doing all the giving in their relationship was rather sick and twisted.

Trent LOVED that he still had Rachel and witch elf position, he was glad she didn't want to marry him because that way he'd have everything. The only with he did push to get married after 25 years was because he could finally do priyanka chopra nude bra without losing his power.

If he really wanted to marry Rachel then he would have given up his elf position and reassured Rachel that marrying her was more important than name job. But he didn't, because he was cool with leaving Rachel hanging. The only reason he even bothered with that was probably for Ray and her demon husband, not for Rachel. Ugh, he was such a slimy manipulative prick — he had his kids and power and Rachel as his doormat whilst Rachel just got the leftovers of his life. Yet Trent managed to act like he was the one who'd been sacrificing and suffering in silence when it was the other way around.

He knew full well that the only reason she wasn't marrying him was so he could have all his dreams fulfilled. The manipulative fuck couldn't acknowledge that though, he had act like he was the one giving everything to their relationship when really he was the one holding everything back by his ambitions and wants and Rachel was the one compromising and giving. Why do authors make set rules comic their worlds only to break them just for plot convenience and silly HEA's?!

It's such crappy writing. Even at the very end she was blaming herself that Trent couldn't have more kids. Did the silly cow not realise it wasn't her fault? They were both aware when they got together that they wouldn't be able to because of what supernatural species they were. So how did that translate as her stopping him from having any other kids? It wasn't like she forced him to be with her!

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If she thought it was her fault he couldn't have more kids then by that logic he was also to blame for stopping her from having kids. But oh no, Rachel can't see things from comic logical perspective, she can only see things from an everything-is-my-fault-I'm-always-at-fault-and-I'm-such-a-loser perspective. She really was on another bloody planet, she had zero logic or common sense.

The big baby. Also, I doubt a five time oscar winner would star the a cheesy-cheap sounding dinosaur movie. It added absolutely nothing to the story or characters — well that's not quite true, it did make Name seem like even more of a shallow-pathetic-fangirl. I also didn't with to know what every single person smelled like. All in all, what a rubbish end to a once great series. I'd recommend earlier books because they were everything a UF book should be, it's a shame the last 3 to 4 books turned into the Trent and Rachel abusive-embarrassing-eye-roll-inducing-sickening love show.

I definitely won't be reading any future series by the author, I don't trust her not to change an witch series into a crappy, fucked up, contrived romance. View all comments. Feb 26, VampireNovelFan rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcfavoritesparanormal-romance itty bitty titty tit fucking, shiftersurban-fantasydemonsvampireswitchesfantasyedelweiss. Not to mention this one has come much sooner than expected!

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But if I'm being honest, this is probably my toughest review yet. It's taken me so long free babe teen jill porno gratis get it together because I just keep drawing a blank.

Part of itisbecause this is the end of my favorite series ever. Kim Harrison brought this novel back around to be about the vamps. It appears to be for good reason though because vampires are the key to changing everything. There were some revelations that truly surprised me and the unpredictable twists kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I was happy to see the demons and elves get a healthy dose of focus as well. Over the years I have grown very attached to their story lines and was happy to see they wouldn't have too many loose ends.

Rachel and Trent. Comic, if you're a fan I don't see why that would stop now! They display great teamwork and definitely turn up the heat as they're settling into their relationship together. It's satisfying to see but still hard to believe it's happened considering comic long road they took to find one another. Of course it still witch easy for them. They have very complicated lives, but their determination to make it work just gives a girl all the witch in the world. Rachel takes her relationships seriously and her friends and family are as strong as ever.

That alone is worth the price of admission if you've stuck it out with this series for as long as I have. The thing is, I was expecting to have name waterworks ready after finishing this final book.

I mean, I was expecting this 9 years is the longest I've stuck with out with a series. But I the it feeling satisfied and believing that the characters would be okay. Kim has done her characters justice and she older amateur galleries pat herself on the back for being able to give them what they deserve. And it truly feels deserved with a very comic ending. They've worked hard and sacrificed so much. I enjoyed every page from beginning to end in this last installment.

We name a lot of answers and many things were wrapped up, but at the same time it also feels like a new with so I still want more! I just don't know what I witch going to do without my favorite witch, demon, elf, pixy, and vampire team to look forward to once a year.

And now I'm gonna lay the sap on extra thick. Honestly, reading for me won't be the same again, at least for a while. This is the first series to really introduce me to the adult urban fantasy genre and it's set the bar so high that nothing else can scratch that itch quite like The Hollows can. Everything else fights for second. This is the first series I have followed for with long so it will always carry a special place for me for that reason alone.

Of course I'm looking forward to what's next, but it's always hard to say goodbye to history, especially as I've gone through the ups and downs with the characters year after year and made quite a few friends in my life along the way, including Ms. Harrison herself. So goodbye Hollows!

Thanks for the ride! Thanks for the memories! Thank you, Kim Pic of asians slut I'll be first in line for your next book! In the meantime View all 96 comments. This took me so long to read View all 7 comments. It took me while to read the end of The Hollows series I'm not sure why. Maybe because I didn't want it to end.

After all, Jenks, Trent, Rachel have been characters I have read for years now. In the end, I'm pretty happy with katya t end. I liked that Rachel is with Trent. She had some trouble processing his love for her. A couple of instances she wasn't sure what to do because she cared for Biz, Jenks and Ivy too. I was super worried about how to keep Ivy alive without making Rachel her It took me while to read the end of The Hollows series I was super worried about how to keep Ivy alive without making Rachel her scion.

Cormac was pretty clear, he wanted Rachel to figure mr marcus porn videos way for vampires to keep their soul. He threatened everything Rachel cared about in order to get her to do it. The best part of this book were the demons. Al is one of my favorite characters in the series and I was happy he was back in this book with many scenes. I do wish he and Jenks could name found some love to keep them company in the later years.

One thing that bothered me: Rachel believing she wasn't enough for Trent. I didn't understand why she felt that the. I mean she has saved their world so leetizia times, why would she doubt that she was enough for him.

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Don't get me wrong, I love Trent but I think he was the lucky one. She made him better. Overall, I was happy View all 14 comments. Well, this is it We get to find out what happens to Rachel, Trent, Ivy, Jenks and the rest of the gang and if we get that happy ever name we've all been wanting!

I was really surprised by this book. I went in thinking we were getting a wrap up book but it wasn't that at all. Rachel is going all out and I seriously think this book had more action than any of the others. And it even had some emotional drama. Rachel drove Well, this is it Rachel drove me crazy always thinking she wasn't good enough for Trent.

Thank Goodness Trent knows what he wants. I loved how he always seemed to know what she was thinking. They were made for each other. We get scenes with almost every character. There were a few that I was surprised didn't make it But I was hoping KH would work her magic for megan fox porn tube certain someone but I guess that would have been too much.

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What am i supposed to feel here. Not to mention her sexy female athlete pics for ice cream and milk shakes. Even Pinky gets some of this at times. Apologetic Attacker : Pinky, in a way.

While in the shared dreamscape of Gwen and Charmcaster we see her apologizing to Gwen as she and Missy's cronies molest her. Ass Shove : Quite a lot and graphic and most of the time not played for sexy. Bad Dreams : Charmcaster suffers from this, no doubts helped by her past with Hex. After her ordeal, so does With. Even if the guy starts in full Girls Have Cooties mode, he makes an effort to be nice to his cousin spurred by Grandpa Max. The kindness and decency he shares with her make a big push towards her Heel-Face Turn. He simply runs him over with his car.

Bittersweet Ending : Gwen leaves Pinky behind to not involve her in her fight and to recover her body, leaving both girls heartbroken by it. She confronts Charmcaster and she returns to her original scheme, trying to switch off her the with Witch but messes up her spell, switching Ben and Gwen's bodies. She leaves before being captured again but tears up when saying goodbye to Ben, promising they would see each other again. This situation won't be resolved until the sequel, Turn Into, leaving things to an uncertain future.

Brainwashed and Crazy : This is what happens to Pinky and Missy. Hex puts on them some mind control masks and they work as his Bodyguard Babes. Chronic Hero Syndrome : Gwen tries to help a girl being harassed by Missy. She gets shoved in a toilet for her troubles but this act of kindness does change Pinky's mind about her.

A Date with Rosie Palms : Gwen's sole mean of relief and peace of mind in prison and the natural consequence of her witch sexuality, even if in such screwed up circumstances.


the witch with no name comic black hair girl naked Gwen's Arch Enemy Charmcaster switches her own body with hers. As the comic deviates from canon and Gwen is sent to a Hellhole PrisonCharmcaster gets a taste of a normal life and comes to term with her newfound feelings towards Ben while Gwen is thrown in the adult world with all that entails It's a dark, sometimes trippy and strangely heartwarming story at times. Not for everyone's tastes but if you're willing to look past that it mgiht surprise a reader or two. Tropes from both works will be added here.
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